The vision of SATNU

SATNU's vision is to hold one or more full day sessions for nurses at the annual congress ”Joint Scandinavian Conference in Cardiothoracic Surgery”. In the long term SATNU has plans to place relevant articles for nurses working with cardiothoracic spesiality in the website.

Things do not happen over night and the work of the board and the Science Committee is on a voluntary and unpaid basis. 

So help SATNU in spreading the word and the knowledge of the association and the annual congress. Through SATNU nurses have a great opportunity to share knowlegde across borders and to be inspired in the developement of thoracic surgical nursing.

SATNU is a collaborative organisation for nurses within thoracic surgery whether employed publically or privately, at wards or in the outpatient area, at ICU, at surgical or anaesthetic departments og indirectly employed within research an developement in relation to thoracic surgical nursing.

  • The organisation practices through:

  • The members
  • The board  
  • The annual general meeting

The Members of the Board

Anita Tracey - General Secretary (Denmark)

Unni Kleppe Haukeland (Norway)

Mervi Roos (Finland)

Helga Hallgrimssdottir (Iceland)

Aase Lange (Denmark)

Christine Roman-Emanuel (Sweden)

The Scientific Committee  

Marita Ritmala-Castrén (Finland)

Lotte Brahe (Denmark)

Kari Hanne Gjeilo (Norway)

Helga Hallgrimssdottir (Iceland)

Susanna Ågren (Sweden)


Vat no/EORI (Org. nr.)

NO 995 205 270 MVA