Newsletter, Summer 2014

Writing this letter summer is ahead of us with longer days and brighter nights and after this a new conference.

The 6th Joint Scandinavian Conference in Cardiothoracic Surgery taken place in Gothenburg, Sweden, is coming up this September 2014 at the 3rd -5th. You can register and theprogram is updated and available on the webpage Looking back at a successful conference in Århus, Denmark 2014, we certainly look forward to the coming conference.

At the conference you can send in an abstract for an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Come along share your knowledge with the Scandinavian nurses and make a difference at the conference.

SATNU has survived 6 years and is an important part at the Joint Scandinavian Conferences, as SATNU takes care of the nursing part at these conferences.

SATNU has a website and is on face-book where you can like it.

If you reading this newsletter should get a feeling of wanting to be a part of the board of SATNU, please send the board a mail with your name and mail address, and we’ll get back to you. You can read the articles of SATNU on the Website


                                               On behalf of the board

                                               Anita Tracey

                                               President of SATNU

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