SATNU Newsletter November 2015

SATNU is an active part of organizing the yearly Joint Scandinavian Conference. SATNU is responsible for the nursing part of the Conference.

This years 7th Joint Scandinavian Conference took place in Bergen, Norway the 3-5 September. The nursing programme was excellent with 6 invited speakers from Scandianiavia and Sandra Lauck, TAVI coordinator and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Vancouver, Canada. Her speech was about The Vancouver experience with TAVI-program coordinators. Kari Hanne Gjelo, Trondheim, Norway talked about Chronic postsurgical pain after heart surgery. From Denamrk Britt Borregaard presented a study about Deep sternal infection. Besides three move interesting speaches. Slides from the presentations can be downloaded from

The Science Committee received 18 abstracts and 9 were presented at the Abstract award session. The winner was Kjersti Oterhals, Bergen, Norway with the subject Patient self-management of oral anticoagulation: Do patients really want it?

There were 8 poster presentations of very different subjects at the poster session, and the winner of the presentation was Bente Birgitte Brodersen, Copenhagen, Denmark presenting the poster: Spouses experiences after cardiac surgery.

The next conference, the 8th Joint Scandinavian Conference in Cardiothoracic surgery will be in Reykjavik, Iceland at the 17-19 August. Keep an eye out for time for sending in abstracts for nursing presentations so the programme will be of high quality and with lots of interesting subjects. This Conference is a suitable place to do one’s first presentation, a place to network and to socialize, so come forward.

Besides it is a chance to go to Iceland, - don’t miss it.

Are you curios about SATNU (Scandinavian Association of Thoracic Nurses) go to the website, or do you even consider being an active part of the association please contact someone from the board. It is always good with new ideas and energy.


On behalf of the board

Anita Tracey
President of SATNU
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