SATNU General Assembly


Friday 18.08.2017 at kl. 17.00 – 17.30 (


9 th Scandinavian Joint Meeting in Cardiothoracic Surgery/Nursing


The agenda of the general meeting:


      1. Appointment of moderator
      2. Appointment of minute taker and two vote counters
      3. Approval of notification and summons
      4. Approval of agenda
      5. Going over and approval of the board's report (Anita)
      6. Going over and approval of the science committees' report, (Lotte)
      7. Going over and approval of accounts (Unni)
      8. Appointment of board members (see §9, subsection 3) who is coming up for election, this year it is

-          Anita Tracey (Denmark)

-          Erika Backlund (Sweden)

-          Ann-Sofie Malvemyr (Sweden)

-          Mervi Moos (Finland)

10    Appointment of committees and their members

- the science committee

11    Submitted proposals